Purple Themed Invitations for Baby Showers

These lovely purple baby shower invitations are the perfect choice for any style of baby shower, including a gender-neutral celebration. These lavender themed cards are available in a variety of designs, each with delicate motifs and intricate illustrations. Whether you want something modern or traditional, these stylish invites will add a personal touch to your very special day. Our purple baby shower invites will make your guests feel welcome with their charming color scheme and classic embellishments!

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If you’re searching for a practical solution to create personalized invitations for your baby shower, our downloadable options could be the perfect choice. We offer a range of designs and themes to choose from, so you can customize the text according to your preferences and print as many copies as required. Moreover, by selecting our downloadable invitations, you can save money and time by avoiding shipping and handling fees. Feel free to explore our collection of designs today and simplify your event planning process!

Find the Right Purple Baby Shower Invitations for Your Celebration

Are you looking for the perfect purple baby shower invitations for your celebration? Purple baby shower invitations feature a range of lavender or royal motifs and designs perfect for any gender-neutral baby shower celebration. We have hundreds of different styles to choose from, and they are waiting to be customized for your shower celebration!

If you’re considering purple baby shower invitations, why not explore unique and creative themes that complement this color scheme? From whimsical to elegant, here are some delightful purple-themed ideas to inspire your upcoming celebration.

Lavender Dreams: A Soothing Celebration

If you want to create a serene and calming atmosphere for the expectant mother, consider a lavender dreams theme. Decorate the venue with soft lavender hues, soothing aromas of lavender-scented candles, and delicate floral arrangements featuring lavender buds. Encourage guests to come dressed in shades of purple and provide lavender-infused treats like cookies or cupcakes as favors.

Amethyst Wonderland: Magical and Enchanting

Transport your guests into an amethyst wonderland with an enchanting theme that blends deep purples with glittering silver accents. Incorporate twinkling lights, crystals, and ethereal decorations for a dreamy ambiance. Add touches of magic by incorporating fairy tale elements or mystical creatures like unicorns or dragons into your decorations and party games.

Royal Prince or Princess: Classic Elegance

Purple has long been associated with royalty, making it the perfect choice for a royal prince or princess themed baby shower. Create an atmosphere fit for a little prince or princess by incorporating gold accents, regal decorations like crowns and tiaras, and luxurious fabrics. Consider hosting the event in a grand venue such as a ballroom or garden adorned with majestic purple drapes.

Retro Purple: Fun Nostalgia

Embrace nostalgia with a retro purple theme that takes inspiration from past decades. Incorporate vintage elements like vinyl records, retro posters, and old-fashioned sweets. Design the invitations in a funky retro style with bold purple patterns or tie-dye motifs. Encourage guests to dress up in their favorite retro outfits and play some classic tunes from the era.

Garden Tea Party: Whimsical Elegance

For a whimsical and elegant celebration, consider a garden tea party theme. Use shades of purple throughout the decorations, such as floral centerpieces featuring lavender blooms or violets. Set up charming tea stations with an assortment of teas, delicate teacups, and dainty finger foods. Outdoor venues like gardens or patios can add to the enchanting ambiance of this theme.

Under the Sea: Purple Ocean Magic

Dive into a world of purple ocean magic with an enchanting under-the-sea theme. Incorporate various shades of purple throughout your decorations to mimic the depths of the ocean. Use seashells, starfish, and mermaid-inspired elements for whimsical touches. Consider incorporating ocean-themed games like a treasure hunt or create magical table centerpieces using underwater scenes.

Whether you choose a calming lavender theme, an enchanted wonderland, or embrace nostalgia with a retro motif, these unique themes will make your baby shower unforgettable.

Choosing purple baby shower invitations opens up a world of creative possibilities for hosting a memorable event that reflects the expecting parents’ style and preferences. Whether you opt for soothing lavender hues or embrace regal elegance, there are numerous exciting themes to explore when planning your purple-themed baby shower. Let your imagination run wild as you incorporate shades of purple in decorations, activities, and even attire to create an atmosphere that is both visually stunning and full of joyous anticipation for the little one on the way.

Remember that personal touches such as customized invitations can enhance your chosen theme while conveying warmth and excitement to guests invited to celebrate the upcoming arrival. With these unique purple-themed ideas, you are well on your way to hosting an extraordinary baby shower that will be cherished by all who attend.

Purple baby shower invitations are ideal if you’re planning a gender-neutral baby shower and want designs that will fit any gender-neutral celebration. These one-of-a-kind and fashionable invites feature a variety of royal motifs and designs that are sure to impress your guests.

Here are some of the key features that set these designs apart:

  • Regal Patterns – Purple baby shower invites include a variety of royal imagery that evokes elegance and sophistication, such as crowns and tiaras, castles, and carriages.
  • Colors That Are Gender-Neutral – Are you unsure whether the baby is a boy or a girl? Not a problem! Purple is an excellent color for welcoming any new arrival, regardless of gender.
  • Multiple Styles – Whether you prefer traditional or modern design elements, there is a purple invitation style to match your party theme.

Now, let’s look at how each of these features translates into advantages for you as the hostess:

  1. Astound your guests with stunning designs that set the tone for a memorable event.
  2. Use purple instead of pink or blue to avoid having to choose between the two colors for any unisex occasion.
  3. Personalize your invitations to reflect your personal tastes and preferences, so your guests know what kind of party to expect.

Choosing purple baby shower invitations gives you peace of mind because you know you’ve chosen high-quality stationary designed specifically to help make your baby shower extra special.

Invite Your Guests to a Royal Affair: Purple Baby Shower Invitations

Expecting a baby is one of the most exciting moments in life, and what better way to celebrate than with a well-planned baby shower? Choosing the right invitation sets the tone for this special event and can help create a memorable experience for everyone involved. If you’re looking for something unique, versatile, and elegant, purple themed invitations are an excellent choice. We’ll explore different themes of purple baby shower invitations available on the market.

Butterfly Baby Shower Invitations

Butterfly-themed baby shower invitations capture the beauty and grace of these whimsical creatures. The delicate designs of the Purple Butterfly Baby Girl and Pink Purple Floral Butterfly Girl invitations are perfect for celebrating the arrival of a little girl. These invitations feature soft colors, floral elements, and butterfly motifs that evoke femininity and joy.

Rustic Baby Shower Invitations

Rustic-themed baby showers offer a charming and cozy atmosphere that is perfect for celebrating new life. The Rustic Lilac and Rustic Lilac Baby Sprinkle invitations feature natural textures, vintage fonts, and soft colors that lend themselves perfectly to this theme. These invitations will set the stage for an intimate gathering filled with love, laughter, and good company.

Watercolor Baby Shower Invitations

Watercolor designs bring a softness and elegance to any invitation. The Purple Floral Watercolor invitation features ethereal blooms in shades of purple that create a dreamy atmosphere. This invitation is perfect for those who want to celebrate new life in a sophisticated yet gentle way.

Boho Baby Shower Invitations

Boho-themed baby showers incorporate bold colors, eclectic patterns, and bohemian-inspired decor elements. The Dusty Blue and Purple Boho | Rainbow and Dusty Blue and Purple Boho Rainbow Oh invitations capture this free-spirited vibe perfectly with their mix of geometric shapes, watercolors, rainbows, feathers, arrows, flowers, and modern fonts. These invitations are perfect for celebrating a baby who is sure to have a creative and adventurous spirit.

Lavender Baby Shower Invitations

Lavender is a classic color choice for baby showers as it represents femininity, grace, and tranquility. The New Chapter Begin Lavender Brunch Book and Silver Butterfly kisses invitations use this delicate hue to create elegant and sophisticated designs that are perfect for celebrating new life. The New Chapter Begin Lavender Brunch Book invitation features a book-style design that adds a touch of whimsy, while the Silver Butterfly kisses invitation uses silver accents to bring an extra touch of luxury.

Choosing the Right Type of Paper

Once you’ve chosen your favorite design, it’s time to select the right type of paper. Here are some popular options to consider:

Premium Paper

Premium paper offers unique and luxurious finishes that create lasting impressions. If you want your invitations to stand out and make an impact, premium paper may be the best choice.

Standard Paper

Standard paper is economical yet classic. It’s ideal for all your basic needs when you want something simple but still looks great.

Signature Paper

Signature paper sets a high bar with its most durable and versatile papers. It’s tried and true with excellent quality that will give your invitations a special touch.

Here are some popular types of papers:

Semi-Gloss Paper

Semi-Gloss paper is produced in Italy by Fedrigoni and has a thickness of 12.5 points and weight of 110 lb/300 GSM. This versatile option produces crisp, vibrant images with exceptional color and detail—a solid choice for all your printing needs.

Matte Paper

Matte paper is produced in the USA by Mohawk Fine Papers with a thickness of 17.5 pt and weight of 120 lb/324 GSM. It has an eggshell texture which makes it easy to write on, and won’t smudge. Elegant and understated, colors print softer and more subtle.

Champagne Shimmer Paper

Champagne Shimmer paper is produced in Italy by Fedrigoni with a thickness of 14.3 points and weight of 110 lb/300 GSM. This specialty paper shines with a luxuriously satin texture, perfect for your special occasion.

Linen Paper

Linen paper is produced in the USA by Neenah Inc with a thickness of 12.5 points and weight of 100 lb/270 GSM. It has an embossed linen texture that creates a subtle yet perfectly timeless impression.

Felt White Paper

Felt White paper is produced in the USA by Mohawk Fine Papers with a thickness of 16.6 points and weight of 110 lb/300 GSM. The velvety feel and brilliant white color create an artsy backdrop for your special announcements.

Columned Paper

Columned paper is produced in the USA by Mohawk Fine Papers with a thickness of 15.2 points and weight of 110 lb/300 GSM. The timeless, horizontal fine columned texture lends sophistication that will set the tone for your formal events.

Purple themed baby shower invitations are an excellent choice for parents expecting a baby girl or for those who want to celebrate new life with unique, versatile, and elegant designs. From butterfly-themed invitations to lavender-hued cards, there’s something for every style and taste. When selecting your invitations, consider pairing them with the right type of paper to create lasting impressions that will make this special event even more memorable!

Here are some compelling reasons why downloadable purple baby shower invitations may be the way to go:

  1. Convenience: With downloadable invitations, you can simply purchase and download them in seconds, without having to wait for shipping or make a trip to the store. Plus, you can print as many copies as you need, anytime you need them.

  2. Customization: Our downloadable invitation options allow for customization of details like names, dates, and locations. This means you can make each invitation personal and tailored specifically to your event.

  3. Affordability: Downloadable invitations can be much more affordable than fully custom printed invitations or even pre-made ones from a brick-and-mortar store. This means you can save money while still having high-quality invites that will impress your guests.

  4. Creativity: Downloadable invitation designs often offer unique and creative options that aren’t available in stores. With a wide variety of designs available online, you’re sure to find the perfect one that matches your theme and style.

Purple baby shower invitations are an excellent choice for any gender-neutral baby shower. They come in a variety of styles, all with royal motifs that exude an elegant yet playful vibe.

In this section, we will look at the benefits and drawbacks of using purple in your baby shower invitation design.


  1. A unique touch – Because purple is not as commonly used as other colors for baby showers, using it can help you stand out from the crowd and give you something extra special.
  2. Color symbolism – Purple is frequently associated with royalty, nobility, wisdom, creativity, mystery, magic, and luxury, all of which are ideal qualities to welcome your new little prince or princess!
  3. Gender Neutrality – Whether the parents are aware of what they are expecting or not, these invitations provide an opportunity for a fun celebration for either gender because no specific color is associated with one sex or the other.


  1. Themed decorations may be difficult to find – If you choose purple for your invitations but choose a different theme for decorations, you may have difficulty finding items that perfectly match both elements together, which may result in some mismatched pieces at the celebration itself.
  2. Limited range of options – Unlike more traditional baby shower colors (blue/pink), the selection of purple shades can be quite limited, making it difficult to get exactly what you want without settling on something else that may end up looking too similar or unoriginal after all is said and done.

When all is said and done, having purple invitations offers many benefits, including its uniqueness and symbolism, as well as providing a gender neutral option that won’t leave anyone out when deciding who should attend the gathering. Whether this route is right for you is entirely dependent on your personal preferences, as every event deserves its own unique touches that make it stand out in its own way.

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